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Bleeding Gums: Causes and Treatment And Prevention

Blood is something many of us fear, the simple sight of blood can cause the person to faint. The anticipation of a physical injury or an injection is one of the trigger Hemophobia or seeing your gums bleed. Fainting will not occur if you have a panic attack, however, with blood-injury-needle phobias, fainting is likely to occur.
your dental health and overall health are important, we wouldn’t want you to suffer an injury because you faint at the sight of blood, especially if this blood come from your gums.

What are bleeding gums?

What are some of the reasons why one’s gums could bleed?

We invite to continue reading this post, learn how to prevent bleeding gums and how to always have healthy gums.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is an oral disease in which your gums continuously bleed; bleeding gums can be a sign of a much more serious medical condition like bleeding, leukemia, or platelet disorders. Visiting your dentist will protect your gums and prevent the risk of a more serious medical condition.

The reason why Gums Bleed

The main reason why our gums bleed is the build-up of plaque in the gum line. This plaque build-up can lead to gingivitis and other gum diseases.

Other causes of bleeding gums include:

Daily Stress

If you are in a constant state of agitation and anxiety, this will affect your immune systems. Stress causes inflammation in the blood vessels, this inflammation breaks down the soft tissue in the mouth, preventing their ability to heal.

Deficiency of Vitamin K

Vitamin K is known as the clotting vitamin, without this vitamin one’s blood wouldn’t clot. In some recent studies, researchers found that vitamin K helps maintain strong bones in the elderly.

Eating Habits

A healthy diet is vital to boost the integrity of your entire immune system; in addition, the healthy diet will nourish your soft oral tissue. Crucial buildings blocks for good oral health is a diet of 6 - 8 servings of fruits or vegetables and a good supplement of vitamins, minerals, and oils.

Family History

Genetics play a vital role in your oral health; if you have the genetic marker for the periodontal disease, you will have to work harder than others to maintain healthy teeth. By getting a DNA test at the dentist you will be able to know what bacterial strain increase the risk of developing gum disease.

FACT: Today, 35% of the population is born with a higher tendency to get periodontal disease.

Love Sharing

As mention in the previous point, some diseases are hereditary and contagious. Gum disease can be transferred from one person to another through saliva; even sharing a kiss, yes a kiss can open you up to gum disease. So if you suffer from gum disease, be respectful to your loved ones and protect their oral health.

FACT: Never share a toothbrush!

Not kicking the Habit – Smoking

Consider this, one more reason for which you should quit smoking, smokers are at a much higher risk of getting gum disease, this is due to the many toxins found in cigarettes. These toxins can create inflammation and decrease your immune system response. If you suffer from bleeding gums, the toxins found in cigarettes and the bacteria that live between the tooth and gum-line will be able to slip into through the openings in your gum and move into your bloodstream, leading to many other diseases.

Over the Counter Meds

Some medications can interfere with our blood flow or slow saliva flow, leading to dry mouth and exposing the gums to diseases. When visiting your family doctor, ask your doctor the possible side effects of the counter medications can have on you. The enlargement or thickening of gum tissue and dry mouth can increase the progression periodontal disease.

Pregnancy and Hormones

Pregnancy and that time of the month can cause several effects on women, everything from crying at inopportune moments to gum disease. If you or a loved one is pregnant, we invite you to visit the dentist, a visit to the professionals can reduce your risk of complications like bleeding gums, gum disease, preeclampsia and preterm birth.

FACT: About half of all pregnant women will have pregnancy gingivitis by their second trimester.

Unbalanced Bite

When one’s teeth are not line up correctly, either because they are crooked and crowded, or if you have the habit of grinding and clenching your teeth. In short, the destructive force from grinding and clenching applied to your teeth can cause the gum to recede and the bone to begin deteriorating causing gums to bleed and other gum diseases.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene will increase the plaque build-up, causing your gums to swollen and bleed.

FACT: Research shows that healthy gums can become diseased gums within 24 to 36 hours of not brushing and be caring for oral tissues properly.

Treatment Options For Gums Bleeding

  • The best treatment option for bleeding gums is to remove from your teeth plaque bacteria, if you allow plaque to build-up it can lead to numerous of oral diseases.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene
  • regularly visit Dentist

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