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Certified Safety R512-029 Save-A-Tooth Preserving Kit, ADA Accepted, 2.6″ Height, 2.5″ Width

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Save-a-tooth will preserve and nourish a knocked out tooth for up to 24 hours until it can be replanted by a Dentist. Pick up the tooth by the enamel, drop it in the save-a-tooth and screw the cap on. It’s that easy. It is the only tooth preserving system in the world that uses a custom retrieval net to prevent damage of the tooth in transport and makes it easy for the Dentist to remove or rinse the tooth without damaging it. Save-a-tooth is also the only system containing hanks balanced salt solution, the scientifically tested and proven medium for revitalizing and preserving a knocked out tooth. Save-a-tooth is also the only tooth preserving system to gain the ADA seal of acceptance from the American dental Association. Save-a-tooth is a great addition to any first aid Kit or medicine cabinet.Preserves knocked out teeth for up to 24 hours for safe transport to a dentist
Includes basket, net, balanced salt solution, and transport container
Accepted by the american dental association (ada)
Not refrigeration required



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