Consume Calcium And Vitamins

Importance of vitamins in oral Health!

  • You need plenty of calcium and some other vitamins for your teeth.
  • It is essential for the teeth as well as your bones and health.
  • It is better to drink milk, fortified orange juice and to eat yogurt, broccoli, cheese, and other dairy products for health.
  • You can also take a calcium supplement, taking different doses according to your age and necessity as per prescription.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D are necessary for maintaining the health of gums and teeth.
  • Vitamin B complex is also essential for the protection of gums and teeth from cracking and bleeding.
  • vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy and spongy gums or gingiva.
  • Copper, zinc, iodine, iron, and potassium are also required for maintaining healthy dental hygiene
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