Common Dental Problems During Pregnancy

common dental problems during pregnancy

The problems of teeth in the normal pregnancy?

The swelling of them is not too common in pregnancy, but in severe cases, they grow and may be full of teeth.
Although most people of the need of oral health and teeth in pregnancy are known to maintain the health of mother and child, the wrong belief among most mothers has been created in order to prevent possible risks for the fetus and not safe. They don’t refer to the dentist. The important thing is that the dentist can do a safe and effective treatment for you. These measures to fight against negative effects of oral disease during pregnancy.

In Pregnancy, the oral status of oral and teeth in women is a very thoughtful change. These changes are usually caused by inflammation of them, tumors, mouth, and mild inflation. In a clinical clinic, it does not make the symptoms of inflammation of them in pregnant women with other people. The patient experiences symptoms like red and inflammation of gums, bleeding and movement of teeth. 30 to 100 % pregnant women are in degrees of inflammation of gums. The bleeding and inflammation of the gums are seen in all pregnancy, and usually in the case of oral health and dental health, 3 TO 6 months after the delivery.

The cell tumors are observed in 10 % of pregnant women. These tumors are not cancer, they appear to be a part of the mouth of the mouth, and then they fade away. The tumors in pregnancy are often used to be purple or red, but they are with blood. While these tumors are painful and with severe bloodshed, they will be removed by the surgery by the surgery.

The swelling and swelling of gums are not too common in pregnancy, but in severe cases, gums grow and may be full of teeth. Experts believe that inflammation and swelling of gums are caused by pregnancy as a result of the oral bacteria, so the most important action in preventing these disorders is the health of mouth and teeth. While the oral health of the mouth before pregnancy and during it is not due, the tumors of the mouth, inflammation, and swelling of gums are deteriorating in these sensitive times, and the health of mother and fetus will be compromised.

It is recommended that pregnant women have come to the dentist once and every six months and if any change in the tissues of gums and teeth must be consulted with experts.



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