What is the implant?

What’s the implant?

It is the sum of components that are constant in the jaw, which is found in the jaw of artificial teeth, and eventually found the same appearance with natural teeth.

In General, it has to be done to put a number of steps to set up the components of each other, and the patient can use it instead of natural teeth. The implant is the same as a natural tooth, and in the mouth of the same natural sense to chew and removes indigestion from the inability to chew food.

The dental implant is used to replace one or several teeth missing and can be used for all teeth to be fixed or mobile. In either case, the implant is used as the actual implant of the implant, but the second state indicates that the actual meaning of the implant is an implant, and each one of the components has a separate name.

Implant benefits

It is the largest advantage of the remaining bone implants and preventing bone analysis (for toothless). The other advantage of the non-needed implants is the use of the adjacent teeth to use in the use of its fixed prosthetic, and it is the use of the mobile prosthetic.



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