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When you end your treatment, you're excited to be freed from the appliances you've got had to place up with. Brackets, wires, elastics, aligners and then on. but whereas it's actually vital to experience the liberty of your new smile, equally vital is taking the required action to retain it. which comes all the way down to one word- retainers.



After finishing treatment beneath, you may be prescribed a retainer which will be custom created to suit your smile. Your dentist can provide you with directions for the way and once to wear this retainer, characterizing it as your "retention phase" of treatment. This part can last regarding twelve months. whereas that's the prescribed time for the part, it's really counseled that you simply continue carrying your retainer past that point. perhaps not with identical prescribed consistency your dentist at first provided, however at lease with some regularity.

Ongoing Shifts

Even if you've got had the most effective treatment attainable, over time your teeth can begin to shift toward their original positions. this can be as a result of your gum fiber can slowly, however systematically attempt to pull your teeth back to wherever they once were. in addition, as you age your facial bodily structure changes, and your teeth expertise natural wear. As a result, the superbly straight smile you permit the dentist with may become unstraightened over time, your teeth changing into a victim to a relapse.

Shifting & Retention Case Study

The University of Washington conducted a case study within which former dental medicine patients were studied for 10-20 years once finishing their treatment. The results- while not fail, in spite of what sort of treatment the patients originally underwent ( braces, Invisalign, etc) all of them experiences Associate in Nursing dental medicine relapse. In different words, their teeth affected. and the way straight their smiles remained was directly associated with their retainer wear.

When to Wear

While your dentist might inflict consistent retainer wear for the official retention part of treatment, past that we have a tendency to suggest carrying your retainer in the dead of night as typically as attainable for as long as attainable. this can build the distinction in conserving your straight smile for the longer term.

Types of Retainers

Different kinds of retainers to satisfy your smile retention wants, including:

-Clear receptacle Retainers (Essix Retainer)

-Plastic & Wire Retainers (Hawley Retainer)

-Permanent guaranteed Retainers


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