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Have you considered straightening your teeth with ceramic braces? It is an excellent way to improve your smile and a solution that we use on a regular basis. We typically use ceramic braces for adults who wish to straighten their teeth discreetly. Some older teenagers may qualify as well, but it is not a solution that we recommend for children because there are additional steps necessary for maintaining them on a daily basis.


Ceramic braces function in a similar way to metal braces. We attach a bracket to the surface of each tooth and thread a wire between those brackets. We use small rubber bands to hold everything in place. We will either adjust or replace the wires on a regular basis to keep the teeth moving in the correct direction. The difference between this and metal braces is that the brackets consist of tooth-colored ceramic and blend into the teeth. Simultaneously, the wire and rubber bands are either clear or tooth-colored so that they also blend in.

The treatment time is also similar between the two solutions. Thus, going with ceramic will not cause any further delays in straightening the teeth. It simply improves the way that a patient looks while doing so.

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There are numerous benefits associated with wearing ceramic or clear braces, including:

  • Ability to smile without seeing a mouth full of metal
  • Improved self_confidence as teeth move into the correct position
  • Discrete treatment process
  • Many of our adult patients are choosing this option because of these benefits. They can be
  • challenging for an adult to want to visit the orthodontist and wear braces because of
  • the impression that it can make at work or in their social life. Since these braces are ceramic and
  • blend in, these concerns are either mitigated or eliminated during the treatment process and
  • this allows patients to focus on the end goal and results – a beautiful smile with straight_teeth.


There is one significant challenge with ceramic braces – the ability to #keepthemclean. Ceramic braces can easily stain. This means that patients must be #fastidious about keeping them clean throughout the day. It is not enough to brush them at night time and in the morning. They must be #brushed after every meal and after drinking or snacking on anything that could #potentially stain. Things like red wine, soy sauce with sushi, marinara sauce, coffee and even berries can all cause staining.

If teeth are not brushed after something is drunk or eaten then the brackets could begin to turn yellow. This will not happen after one or two times but if there is a habit of not brushing teeth frequently enough, the brackets will become stained and instead of being clear braces, the braces will be yellow braces and stand out looking like plaque on the teeth. It is important to understand that there will be a lot of tooth brushing necessary to maintain the convenient and discrete appearance of these braces. Just remember that this extra step is worth it to be confident when smiling while wearing braces.


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