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Types of Retainers After Braces -Orthodontics Treatment

Dental Retainers

There is the verity of retainers used to straighten your teeth or for orthodontics treatment .the types of retainer for patient depend on treatment need Your dentist helps you select the simplest kind for you supported what you required braces for and any conditions you would possibly have.

Five Types of Retainers

  • Permanent Retainers

  • Removable Retainers

  • Clear Retainers

  • Hawley retainers

  • Fixed lingual retainers

Fixed Retainers (Permanent Retainers)

Fixed retainers, additionally called permanent retainers, are hooked up on to your teeth. {they willnot|they can't|they can not} be force out and cleansed just like the different retainers can. Instead, they're secured with a tooth-colored bonding material that holds the small wire in situ. The wire is put in on the rear of the teeth, therefore it'snot visible once you smile. mounted retainers are less trouble within the sense that you just don’t must bear in mind to wear them, however, they're primarily metal braces for the rear of your teeth. they'll be troublesome to floss behind, and they’re not continually permanent. Some patients must have theirs replaced over time as a result of the bonding comes loose.

Clear Aligner Retainers

Clear aligner retainers look just like Invisalign clear aligner trays. they're manufactured from skinny clear plastic that's shaped to suit the form of your smile. These retainers will last for years with correct care, however, they're almost as sturdy because the Hawley retainers delineate within the next section. the general public like this sort of retainer over metal retainers thought as a result of they're clear and simple to place in/take out.

Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers have a thin layer of the piece of acrylic within the middle that supports a group of wires going across the front of the teeth. The wires and also the acrylic is shaped to suit your mouth, therefore, the retainer sits firmly in situ. Hawley retainers are abundant easier to discover than clear retainers, however, they're conjointly a lot of sturdy. you'll clean them with an easy rinse, and you'll modification the color of acrylic for a customized bit.

How to Care for Them

  • Always remove your retainer from the sides, not the front.
  • Clean your retainer using a mild soap, not mouthwash or toothpaste.
  • You can also clean the retainer by soaking it in a mix of water and Listerine (half and the half) for 1 hour.
  • You can use denture tablets to clean the retainer but use only cold water.
  • Do not bend or squeeze your retainer. This can cause cracking and breaking.

Why Are Retainers Necessary?

very important to wear retainers because teeth always move their direction through their life, you need to wear retainers to stabilize the teeth in normal position. dental retainers prevent teeth from shifting to abnormal positions to prevent malocclusions.

How Long you must Wear

Them For the primary week, you must wear your retainer the least bit times, removing it solely to eat, drink, brush your teeth, and play contact sports. when the primary week, you'll switch to carrying your retainer solely in the dead of night for an amount of two years. Once the two years are up, you must wear your retainer each different night indefinitely.


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